STK Developers (Pvt) Ltd.

A Reputation for Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

STK was founded in 2008 and has been building apartments since 2011. In that short duration it has today earned a reputation as one of Sri Lankas best known developers of quality apartments which one could acquire for a place to live in or as an investment. The vision has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and liveable homes in selected residential locations in Colombo. STK has undoubtedly become a byword for excellence.

STK’s first apartments at Marys Road homes were typically executive style properties for young families. The next project comprising of almost 50 apartments at Melbourne Road was designed for more discerning buyers seeking greater comforts in their place of abode along with a secure environment. STK’s current project at Park Road reflects the aspirations of a much broader range of home buyers, who seek an environment in which one could move around without a feeling of being constrained but also enjoy the comfort of being in a secure environment along with the luxuries of life. The location has been selected and the apartments designed to ensure the achievement of these goals. The company has also gained considerable experience in creating sustainable communities within its complexes.

STK’s in-house construction team led by Kandasamy Samayathas, who has successfully constructed over 120 apartments encompassing six different projects which today houses an equal number of satisfied families, ensure that all of our developments meet extremely high standards. Testimony of customer satisfaction comes from the number of buyers who have bought multiple apartments in these projects.

Mr. Kandasamy Samayathas

Dr. H.S. Dilanjan Soysa

Mr. M.H.M. Zarook